Rejoice, the Lord is King (Archer)


This arrangement sets the familiar words to “Rejoice, the Lord is King” to an all-new tune. The organ/piano has sections of 7/8 rhythm that produce a lively, dancing quality while still remaining reverent enough for sacrament meeting. The choral part doesn’t sing in 7/8 until the final word, so you don’t need to worry about the non-traditional time signature being an issue for your choir members.

There are a couple of edits that are commonly made to this arrangement. In verse one, measures 8-9, the word “mortals” is divided between beat 4 and beat 1 of the next measure. This places the emphasis on the wrong syllable and is awkward to sing. This awkwardness can be alleviated by moving the word “mortals” to beat one of measure 9, like this:

I’ve sung it both ways and I prefer this second option. See what you think sounds best for your choir. Another change I make is to the first word of verse two. I replace “Jesus” with “The Lord.” It puts the emphasis in the correct place.

I recommend this arrangement mainly because it’s fun to sing and fun to listen to. It may even encourage some new people to join your choir! The accompaniment is written for organ but can be played on the piano. If you pianist is very clever, most of the bass pedal tones can be incorporated into the piano part without difficulty.

Reviewer: Jessi Vandagriff

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