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7 Ways to Save Money on Sheet Music

Looking for ways to stretch your ward music budget? Did you just think, “What ward music budget?” You don’t have to resort to free arrangements every time (although we have recommendations for those, too). I discovered the following money-saving tactics while running my private music studio. They will also work for saving your ward money on choir music. I use these methods and can vouch for them. It’s definitely worth the few minutes it takes to sign up for accounts!

1. Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates Program (for Choir Directors and Music Teachers)

Music teachers, choir directors and college music students may join Sheet Music Plus’s free Easy Rebates program. As a member, you will earn 8% cash back on your sheet music purchases, as well as those of anyone who uses your link. The guidelines for who qualifies are quite relaxed and can be read here. Payments are sent via PayPal when you’ve accrued $20 or a check at $50. Other teachers/directors who sign up using you link earn you $5. (Please sign up using Mormon Musician’s link. This will allow us to buy more music to review!) Once you sign up you will be given a referral ID. I always add this to the comments section of my orders to make sure it is credited to me.

2. Sheet Music Plus 2+ Pricing

Any time you order 2 or more copies of an item at Sheet Music Plus, you automatically get a 5% discount. Add that to the 8% rebate you get as an Easy Rebates member, and we’re starting to make some headway!

3. Ebates

While it may look gimmicky at first glance, Ebates is a great way to save money at stores across the web. It partners with stores which pay an affiliate commission to Ebates any time you click through Ebates to get to the retailer’s site. Ebates then splits that affiliate commission with you. Sheet Music Plus is one of these retailers and rebates between 4-15%, depending on the current promotion. Also, any time some signs up and makes one purchase with Mormon Musician’s link, we get a $25 referral bonus. That can buy a lot of music (or pay for domain renewals)! Often, the person signing up also will get a bonus $10 just for singing up and placing their first order (again, this depends on the current promotion—see site for details). Extensions are also available for your web browser to help you remember to go through Ebates when making any online purchase. Add this to the savings listed above and your ward choir just may be able to get a new piece for Christmas. This can be combined with your Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebate!

4. Jackman BOGO Sale

Jackman Music Corporation publishes the vast majority of LDS sheet music. They have been offering a one day, buy one get one free sale every December for over 25 years.* The free item has to be the exact same title. Their site says, “To get the second copy free, you must order at least two copies. Remember that in order to follow copyright law, vocal solos require two pieces of music anyway—one for the pianist and one for the vocalist—so this is a perfect day to stock up.” This is a great way to get choir music. Also, if you are enterprising, you may be able to get some unused end-of-the-year ward funds to use at this sale. It’s a great deal and your choir is a great cause. *Note: Jackman Music is currently in the process of being sold and this BOGO sale may not continue under the new ownership.

5. Donations

If your bishop agrees, ward members can specify “ward music fund” on their donation slips. This is a great way for members of the ward to contribute to building the ward’s music library. Again, if the bishop agrees, this could be announced during meetings. Those who donate would help build a legacy of music in your geographic area. It would also allow those who may not feel confident enough to join the choir to contribute to the ward’s musical efforts in a meaningful way.

6. Coupons, Free Shipping, Etc.

Many sheet music retailers offer rotating sales, coupons, and free shipping offers. Sign up for their email lists to be notified of their current promotions. Sheet Music Plus offers sales on choral music (usually 20% off) at various times throughout the year (usually July and part of August). Also note that the Jackman Music catalog (meaning their publications) are available at Sheet Music Plus and you can use all of the money-saving tactics described above for your favorite LDS choral pieces. Other good sheet music sites:

7. Your Local Music Store

And last but not least, don’t forget your local music store. They often have discounts for music teachers and choir directors. Don’t forget to ask what programs and specials they run. I know they appreciate your business, and you may be surprised to find that they can offer you more than just discounts on music.

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